Services for Students and Graduates

Services for Students and Graduates

We help students and graduates increase efficiency and competitive advantage in job searches. Soteria consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in understanding the needs and working with Australian employers in various industries. We develop programs to help students and graduates prepare for entering the workplace. Our programs include:

  • Understanding the Recruitment Process
  • Psychometric testing
  • Resume writing
  • Networking skills
  • Interview skills
  • Understanding the Australian Workplace Culture and Behavioural Expectations
  • Cross-Cultural coaching and training
  • Building Confidence/Assertiveness
  • Presentation skills

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About Soteria Consulting

Since 2002, Soteria Consulting has helped individuals fulfil their maximum health, well-being and fitness potential in every aspect of their lives. We are passionate about helping you achieve that sense of well-being that comes with a strong mind and a healthy body, because we believe it improves the quality and meaning of life.

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