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Psychology Online

At Soteria Consulting, we value the comfort and accessibility of our services to our clients. Understandably, there are times when meeting in person may not be plausible due to personal, proximal or other reasons. As such, we offer a range of services online and over the phone, to give our clients the opportunity to access our professional services from many communication devices.

Our psychologists offer services in-person, over the phone, via Skype and through email correspondence both during and outside of normal business hours. All of our psychologists have gained vast amounts of experience in their respective areas of interest; and are currently listed on the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and are members of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).  Due to their qualifications, our psychologists are able to administer psychological tests, and help in the diagnosis, understanding and support of mental disorders.


Counselling Online

In addition to our psychologists, we also have a team of dedicated counsellors available in person, online and on the phone, here at Soteria Consulting. Our counsellors are all registered at a Masters level in their respective Counselling bodies, such as the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) or the Psychotherapy and Counselling Association of Australia (PACFA).

The services provided by our counsellors come with lower fees per session, as our counsellors do not provide diagnoses for mental disorders and cannot administer psychological tests like our psychologists can. However, they are well-versed in the symptoms and impacts that mental disorders may have on individuals, and are experienced in supporting clients through challenging periods of their lives. Our counsellors will provide support and encouragement in helping you to overcome your difficulties, as supporting clients to reach a state of autonomy is one of our core values as a team of professionals.


Our Services

Sessions with our psychologists and counsellors can be provided in person, by phone, via Skype or through email. Our online services in particular, allow ease-of-access and comfort in an environment that you can choose; while allowing for communication to be achieved that is similar to talking in the same room.

Skype sessions via the internet can be limited to audio only, or audio and visual combined, at your request. These sessions over the internet allow you to see and hear who you are talking to; similarly to if you were talking together within the same room. For these sessions, a good, stable internet connection is recommended; and the Skype program would need to be installed on your device: such as a computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone. These sessions may initially be scheduled weekly, however as you progress through therapy they may be scheduled at greater intervals. The intervals between sessions are ideal for employing any strategies that were discussed in your session, allowing you to provide feedback in the next session on their effectiveness. This also encourages continued progress towards the goals and issues that are important to you.

Sessions via any means of communication are kept confidential, and all personal information is stored securely in accordance with professional ethical standards.

We offer a free initial discussion via phone or Skype, where we could develop a brief overview of your concerns and provide you with information about how we can help. This initial discussion also allows us to provide you with a psychologist who is well-suited for your needs. Our team of mental health professionals all have training and experience with multiple therapeutic approaches and techniques, including Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy, Client-Centred Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to name a few. This initial discussion comes with no obligations, and we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding our services and our fees.

If you would like further information about our team of professionals, please visit the About Us page on this website. Similarly, if you are interested in visiting one of our locations in Victoria, Australia, we encourage you to view our Locations page. For some free resources regarding common issues that many individuals face, feel free to browse our Resources page. If you would like to keep updated with Soteria Consulting’s news and events, please visit our Facebook page at

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Since 2002, Soteria Consulting has helped individuals fulfil their maximum health, well-being and fitness potential in every aspect of their lives. We are passionate about helping you achieve that sense of well-being that comes with a strong mind and a healthy body, because we believe it improves the quality and meaning of life.

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