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The Australian job market can be very competitive for both newcomers and veterans to the field. So apart from simply answering online job advertisements, where many people may compete for a single position, how else can we increase our chances of finding job opportunities? Networking.

Many people who seek jobs earnestly through newspaper articles, online advertisements and store-signs; often overlook how effective networking with other professionals can be. Often-times, many individuals feel isolated in their search for a job. You can change this! Through increasing the size of your professional network, you can increase the potential of landing a job. Imagine, instead of relying solely on your own searching skills for jobs; that you may have 10 other professionals who may be recognised in their field, on the lookout for jobs for you as well!

So how can you go about increasing your professional network? Communicating.

Contact people you already know, or use career networking sites such as LinkedIn; and if possible, ask them for their contacts. If you can continue to branch out your network in this way, you might see an exponential increase in your professional contact list. Be mindful though that your communication method should remain professional and respectful.

The documents below may be able to help you understand more about networking, and to tailor your commnunication skills to the networking and job-finding fields.

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